This project is at the heart of our ministry! Because of poverty, many women in Romania find themselves without  the possibility to offer their children decent lives and feel like they have no other options then to practice prostitution. Other are victims of exploitation and trafficking.

Outreach in Bucharest:

Three times a week, members of our team go out into Bucharest red light districts and reach out to women in prostitution, offering hot drinks and snacks, but also  information on woman’s rights and gifts on special occasions. We invite to them to our drop-in center and offer them basic access to social and medical care.

Our team regularly reaches out to women in the cities of: Constanta, Ploiesti, Campina, Brasov, Ruse, Sighisoara and Targu Mures.

Our vision is to see Christian outreaches multiply across Romania and reach out to women and children trapped in prostitution.


– Since November 2015, a local team was set up in the area of Targu Mures and Sighisoara led by Jorine Steen.

– After our special summer outreach to Constanta, RE-START Ngo decided to continue and develop projects aimed at women sexually exploited in Dobruja area!


In 2015 we started reaching to women trapped in the sex industry in strip-clubs and erotic massage parlors of Bucharest and Constanta.

In Romania, since prostitution is illegal, video chats, massage parlors have started to flourish all around the country.

Some members of our team have once been working in those clubs. They had the desire to go back and tell their redemptive stories.

We usually visit the girls with gift bags and vouchers for our beauty parlor. Inviting them to our small beauty parlor at the drop-in is an amazing opportunity to getting to know them!


Because we re stronger when we are connected and work together, let us know if you have already an outreach ministry in Romania or if you are planning to start one!


This outreach program is aimed at the children from the red-light district of the North Train station and is done in partnership with Casa Cana Community Church.  Many of the children attending the program are poverty-stricken or come from broken families. Some of their parents are involved in prostitution either directly or indirectly.

We offer:

Weekly program with dance, music, games, Bible stories, and character formation.

Summer camp and day camps.

Prevention programs.

Special events: Christmas; Easter…

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